The story of mirConnect and miRconnX

In November of 2010 we launched mirConnect, our condition-specific mRNA-microRNA regulatory network integrator, developed by Grace Huang and Harry Athanassiou. The work and the server were presented in the 2010 RECOMB satelite meeting in Regulatory Genomics by Grace Huang. Later, we discovered that in November 2010 another server with the same name had been developed and launched by Dr. Markus Peter lab at Northwestern University. Although the two programs serve different purposes, we decided to change the name of our server to miRconnX, in order to avoid confusion.
  • Click here if you want to run miRconnX, our mRNA-miRNA network integrator
  • Click here if you want to run miRConnect (ilink out to Northwestern University) for prediction of biological function of miRNAs


University of Pittsburgh Department of Computational Biology